Gone Phishin'

Gone Phishin'

Email Security   /   May 31st, 2018   /  A+ | a-
I really like the language used by hackers to describe their activities. Terms such as Pwnd, Doxing, Whaling, Spamming, Spoofing and many more are the lexicon of their trade. The term phishing is thought to have first been coined in the mid 90's by hackers stealing accounts and passwords. In the same way a fish is lured onto a hook with bait; so social engineering lures the unwary user into giving passwords and financial data to hackers (they commonly replace the letter "f" with "ph" when describing their activities).

Today, phishing is even more sophisticated than the badly worded emails where a "Nigerian prince" wanted to be give you a large sum of money.  Today's targetted phishing - "spear phishing" - looks genuine: Tax refunds; payment advice; CV's; failed deliveries. All things we might expect to see in our inbox from time to time from sources that look real.

It just takes one click. Entered credentials or downloaded malware, the impact can be profound. While training can help keep user alert to the prospect of bad emails (1stAdvance offers particularly effective training options here), technology still remains an important element in the Security professional's arsenal.

Relying on basic capabilities in office 365 or your current antivirus software is not upto the job any longer. The phishing emails still get through. Using a system where it is someone else's role to keep the settings up-to-date is an option increasingly selected by many businesses.

We've scoured the market place for good, simple email (and web) security systems. We think that the latest "Cloud" managed systems represent the best value. Value in terms of ease of installation, Value in terms of keeping up-to-date automatically and Value for money.

We think we've found the ideal solution:
  • Spam Detection Rate better than 99.999% stopping the bad emails getting through
  • Almost no false positives - not stopping good or vital emails in the process
  • Automatic virus scanning
  • Able to detect the very latest malware (that most antivirus systems cannot)
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